Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: All The Things You Are

Author: Courtney Sheinmel
Release: June 14, 2011
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

  • I wasn't expecting to feel empathetic for Carly and her family because their life is so completely different from my own. I thought that I wouldn't be able to connect with her at all because she  lives a life close to fame, glamour and money. But I actually did connect with her and it was a wonderful surprise. 
  • I enjoyed seeing the journey that Carly goes on after her mother is charged with embezzlement. She questions herself, her mother, her family, her friends, her entire life. But she really does learn to understand accept the mistakes that her mother has made and she grows to be much more mature throughout the book.
  • The characters were all believable and relatable. I completely understood the reasons behind their actions and their behaviours because they did exactly what I expected any real person to do. 
  • The theme of forgiveness was portrayed very well. This book tackled forgiveness from every perspective: the forgiver, the forgivee, the other people that aren't really doing any forgiving but are involved nonetheless. Is forgivee a word? LOL
  • I would've liked to learn a bit more about some characters. Carly's friend from across the street would've been a wonderful character to spend more time with. 
To Sum It Up
  • A light read that dealt with the theme of forgiveness and acceptance.
  • Relatable characters and understandable situations.

2011 Contemp Challenge: 9/13 books completed.


    The Story Queen said...

    The forgivee? LOL

    Why didn't I grab this book?! D: Gah, escaped my notice. Next time, I'm comparing galleys with you.

    It sounds good though! I like emotional journeys that are done well. Look at you rocking that challenge ;)

    Brodie said...

    Forgivee is totally a word if it's posted on the internet. It's now posted on the internet, therefore it's legit.

    But ahh, why haven't I heard of this book? I clearly don't read through the Galley Grab newsletter properly! I like the sound of it and the whole forgiveness theme, so I'll definitely be checking it out now!

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