Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Rhymes With Cupid

Author: Anna Humphrey
Release: January 1, 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen

  • This is the type of "love" I love. They don't love each at first sight. The attraction is there but they fall for each other after getting to know each other. 
  • Elyse, the main character, is uncannily similar to me. She's really sceptical about love and just doesn't want to go down the path. She's so funny and sweet though. And when she actually does begin to fall for Patrick, her neighbour, she starts seeing a whole different side of love. She's smart too. Like I said, uncannily similar to me LOLOL
  • Patrick, the crush, is yummy! He's a good guy. Like legit, you know? He doesn't try to act cool or tough. He's nice and sweet. It's just who he is and he doesn't need to be anyone else. Even though I love bad boys, Patrick also won over my heart. 
  • The entire book is just so cute and funny. You know exactly what's happening and what's going to happen, but gosh, the journey there is just so engaging. Even though it's predictable, there's that little voice telling you, "Shut up and read! Crazy cute things are ganna go down!"
  • The characters were all well written. The book was fairly short, not THAT much room for character development but still. They were established and I liked how they were. Elyse and Patrick show the most development of course. But Patrick's grandpa was a star as well.
  • Elyse's friend Dina really grated on my nerves. She's the kind of girl who's stuck up on one boy and is unwilling to move on. Jeez, grow a back bone girl! 
To Sum It Up
  • Incredibly cute and funny!
  • Perfectly light rom-com to slip into. 
  • Characters were all great, except for the annoying friend. 
2011 Contemp Challenge: 6/13 books completed. This challenge is getting it's ass whooped


Elodie said...

Thanks for the review ! I look forward to read this one now .. =) !! I'm sure it's the perfect summer read ;)

Brodie said...

Aww the romance in this sounds so sweet! I love finding those relationships in books where you can really see and FEEL the bond grow. Rather than just instant love. And I need a good dose of 'good guy' in my system, after all the bad boys I've fallen for in books. This sounds like a great read, one I hadn't heard of before today!

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

Hmm, I don't think I've heard of this before! It sounds really awesome, and you've totally got me wanting to read it now! Thanks for sharing your awesome review!

Bookish Brunette said...

Awwww! YAY for romantic comedy books! Adding this to my TBR!

Jenny N. said...

Looks like a great summer read. I love it when I see a lot of myself in the main characters. It gets me into the story and I end up enjoying it more.

The Story Queen said...

Sounds cuuuute :D I'm into cute reads right now (thank you, ANNA!) so I'll check this out :) I love the way you do your reviews... no beating around the bush. I know exactly what I'm getting into when I start a book.

You're pretty cool.

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