Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Invincible Summer

Author: Hannah Moskowitz
Release: April 19, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Rating: 4.5/5

  • For a book about summer, it was very profound. It was emotional and thought provoking. Nothing that I was expecting.
  • The main character, Chase, was an absolute treat. His character was raw and honest. He cared about one of the most important things in life above all else: family. The story was told over 3 summers and the character development is clearly there. He's a completely different person at the end of the novel.
  • Gideon, Chase's deaf younger brother, stole my heart. He added depth and heart wrenching emotion to the novel. For a seven year old, he was wise. Much more wise than I was at seven. 
  • All of the characters were diverse and their personalities just fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. They all influenced each other in one or another and they all developed as characters because of those influences.
  • The writing just sucked me in. Probably because it's similar to the way I talk in my head. I was able to just breeze through the pages without any discrepancies. 
  • Although it was an emotional read, I was still satisfied with summeriness (it's not a word but it's effective!) When summer rolls around, I tend to yearn for summer-y novels and I swear I was able to feel the sand between my toes while I read Invincible Summer.
  • This novel was able to make me laugh one second and choke up with sadness in the next. Roller coaster ride of emotions? I think so!
  • The plot never faltered. It moved at a steady pace to match the characters and the high strung emotions. 
  • Chase's younger sister Claudia was a bit bleh to me in the beginning. She was too...sexual for her age, I guess. But that actually changes over the four summers. She, like the rest of the characters, grows and matures because of the trials she faces. This isn't really a dislike though, more like a minor irritation that goes away. 
  • The constant quoting of Cadmus quotes was a bit unrealistic but the quotes fit into the book perfectly so...*shrugs*
To Sum It Up
  • My favourite quote: "There is no going back, so fuck you, universe." Leave it to Chase to say something profound while flipping the middle finger to the universe. That's why I love him. 
  • Definitely not a light summer read. Highly emotional and nerve wracking. 
  • Perfect character development and plot.
  • Cover and synopsis are pretty misleading. Don't judge this book based on the cover.
*Thank you Galley Grab! Recieved an arc...honest review..blah blah blah.


Brodie said...

"Don't judge this book based on the cover." I am judging this book based on your awesome comments and the verdict? I WANT! Actually, I'm ashamed to say I think I DID judge this by it's cover. I've seen it around a bunch of times, wasn't really drawn in by the cover so just skipped over it. STUPID ME! This sounds like exactly my kind of read! Great review, I love me some deep, emotional summer reads. Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Hahaha and I love that quote by Chase ;D

Lisa said...

ahaha, that quote made me laugh!:D
sounds like a awesome book, and what better time to read a book about summer then right before summer? It sets the mood(;
great review, you just made me add this to my wishlist(:

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